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It is well known that long periods doing the same thing or in the same position causes aches and pains by overusing particular areas of the body and causing fatigue, e.g. Long periods at a desk, driving etc... Some jobs are particularly physical causing direct strain on the body e.g. If they involve working in awkward positions, heavy lifting or carrying etc... This can lead to aches and pains developing and can eventually leads to more serious injury if not managed soon enough.


Consider the tortoise verses the hare - both going from A to B, the hare doing it quickly and energetically can be susceptible to injury due to excessive forces being used, however, the tortoise is also susceptible to injury more as a result of quantity rather than quality of his movement.


Work place massage is becoming one of the fastest growing wellness benefits a company can offer its employees.

It is a safe, convenient an cost effective way of improving morale and offers significant health benefits - helping combat work related injury and stress - thus helping minimise absence due to stress and injury...


In addition work place massage has the following benefits -



- Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

- Improves lymph circulation which strengthens the immune system

- Relives tension and tired muscles

- Relives back, neck and shoulder pain, RSI, fatigue and headaches

- Immediate positive effects - employees feel better immediately, it improves moral and motivation, hence boosting workforce productivity and reducing absenteeism

- Creates a healthier working environment

- Demonstrates you proactive commitment to the health of your employees

- Cost effective treatments can be shared between employers and employees.



By prior arrangement a programme can be designed to suite your workplace i.e. I can visit your workplace for on site massage, for relief of neck, back and shoulder pains, this can be extended to a full sports therapy treatment with massage, posture analysis, rehabilitative exercise advice or limited to a 20 or 30 minute massage treatment. Or discounted / subsidised visits to my Horwich practice may be arranged if your workplace is not suitable for on-site arrangement.


For further information please contact me.