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Injury Assessment and Treatment


If you are injured, sports or otherwise, you want to heal as quickly as possible with as little pain as possible and with as little loss of use and long term limited function as possible, so you can get back to work / sport / competition and your normal life once more.


Different methods are appropriate for different stages of healing. For best recovery and rehabilitation its important to get things right...


Cryotherapy                      Heat Treatment              


Remedial Massage             Deep Tissue Friction       


Strapping & Taping             Rehabilitative Exercise


Your therapist will not just look at injuries, aches and pains, they will try to work out what is causing them and develop prevention strategies rather than letting you keep suffering recurrences of the same problem. This may involve -


- Posture Analysis

- Joint Muscle Analysis

- Remedial Exercises

- Core Stability, Proprioception and Balance

- Mobility and Flexibility Exercise

- Training Review




Sports Therapy for Riders


Alison has developed a unique sports therapy technique for horse rider, read more!