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This is the use of very specific exercise and stretching techniques to help solve physical problems. You may go to the gym, do lots of sport and exercise, and as a result think, ‘I don’t need any more exercises to do’


Rehab exercises are very specific and are geared to problem solving...


For example, you may present with a back injury, but on examination it can become apparent that the musculature on one side of your hips is weaker that the other


If this is the case, the problem will continue to reoccur until the imbalance is addressed with some exercises for the weak muscles and stretching for any over tight muscles.


The exercises are usually simple and can be incorporated easily into your current daily routine, but will be developed to help prevent further reoccurrences of your problems....


For example, following an awkward fall whilst running and twisting your ankle you may be left with very restricted movement in your ankle. Following a careful initial injury management a progressive programme of massage, stretching and exercise with gradually develop the strength and movement in your weakened joint, taking you through progressive stages of range of movement, proprioception, strength and endurance for daily activity, spurts drills, co-coordinated skills and dynamic movement, to eventually achieve normal function again.