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Get the most from your training. If you are training hard, maintenance massage helps to keep you muscles in top condition and performing at their best by -


- Loosening and realigning fibres,

- Reducing fatigue

- Detecting minor problems before they develop into more serious injuries.


Prevention is always better the cure!


How often you need a ‘maintenance’ massage is an individual thing and you will need to judge what works best for your body.


Benefits are noticeable from a monthly visit. However, for people training more seriously or repetitively over-using the same muscle group in a heavy or physical job, it is usually found most beneficial fortnightly.


It is also best to try and time your massage for the start of a rest period, i.e. just before a non-training day or at the start of your days off from work. It can be particularly good to take a massage just before going on holiday.