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Alison is a fully qualified and insured Sports & Injury  Therapist who can treat a variety of sports injuries and muscle conditions.


Alison qualified from Liverpool University with Bsc in Exercise Physiology and Human Movement and is credited with  Advanced Diploma in Remedial Massage and Sports Therapy from the Active Health Organisation.


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You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage and sports therapy!


The techniques originate from training and rehabilitating athletes, having been developed extensively on top sports people over the years, and are clearly beneficial to anyone involved in sports and wanting to look after and get the most from their body, but they are just as effective for -

- Aches and pain developing from long periods at desks or driving.

- Repetitive strain injuries.

- Strains, sprains and other injuries, no matter how you got them, for example - whiplash, falls, lifting etc...




Sports Therapy talks / demos / workshops are held at

local clubs and events.  


For further information please see upcoming events or contact Alison.