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How long will treatment take?


This very much depends what you require. During your first session a treatment plan will be given to you, so you’ll know what to expect at your future sessions. As a rough guide you’ll be looking at between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours -

 - A full sports massage may takes a good 1 ½ hours.

- -A basin sports massage, targeting muscle groups specific to your particular activity may take up to an 1 hour.

- Injury and remedial massage sessions are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour, however, may include remedial exercise work which takes a bit more time.



How much will it cost?


30 Minutes   £15

1 Hour         £25

1 ½ Hours    £30


-Discounts are available for regular bookings (I.e. Regular maintenance programmes.

- Club discounts are also available, contact Alison for further information.



What shall I wear?


- Ideally some loose, comfy clothing.

- Sports wear is ideal as you may end up doing a couple of exercises.

- Brining some shorts is a good idea but not essential.

- For ladies it is helpful if you need your back treating to wear a bra that fastens at the back, rather than a pull on one.